Content production

We can develop various types of video content that can be used for training purposes, marketing purposes, etc. upon our clients’ requests. Please read on to find out the most common types.

Recording a lecturer/class

Employees in a company often need to attend educational classes, whether it’s an arranged lecture of a renowned expert in a certain field or several lectures that in-house lecturers hold on several different locations or for several groups of employees. In both cases, you can benefit a lot if you allow us to professionally record these lectures for you. In postproduction, once the material is recorded, we can perform several types of graphic and audio editing (titles, subtitles, animations, music, etc.). This way, all present and future employees will continually have this content at their disposal.


Clients often choose animated videos that can easily and in an entertaining way present their products, services and procedures. These animated videos can also be used for in-house education, as a commercial or to present your products and services on your website. For the animation we will develop the idea, text and the script together with our clients. If needed, we will record one or more professional speakers for the animation, and then animate your idea to perfection.