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There are multiple benefits of using eGO! LMS. Contact us for a free demo account or schedule an appointment and see for yourself!

Ways of use

eGO! LMS allows many ways of use.
Common for all? Improved company performance and increased employee satisfaction!

Company trainings
eGO! LMS is the perfect solution for all internal training related to your company. You will significantly raise employee's level of education, and save both - time and money.
Legally mandated training
Many official supervisory bodies recognize e-learning training as valid. Send them an automatically generated report from eGO! LMS and don't worry about it anymore.
Recruitment process
Employee turnover has never been higher, and the process of hiring new colleagues is often complex and tedious. Take advantage of eGO! LMS to check the motivation and knowledge of potential candidates before deciding who advances to the second round.
eGO! LMS makes onboarding phase much easier - create welcome content on the platform for your new employees and with detailed reports, later check if they have viewed and adopted it.
If you wish, you can complete the internal (and external) certification process via eGO! LMS. After completing the training, each employee will receive a certificate that our LMS will automatically fill in with the necessary data.
Partners training
If you have partners or individual associates who sell your products and services, the easiest way is to provide them with the training through eGO! LMS.
Clients training
Sometimes, for more complex products and services, it's necessary to provide training to the customers who use them. Place instructional texts or 'how-to' video clips on the eGO! LMS and relieve your colleagues of these duties.

eGO! functionalities

In order to fully understand the possibilities of eGO! LMS, order a free demo account or schedule a live presentation!


8 available languages at the moment

Currently, eGO! LMS comes with English, Serbian (Latin and Cyrillic), Croatian, Montenegrin, Slovenian, Macedonian, Romanian and Hungarian.

Adding new languages is easy. If you want to be our client and your language is not available - contact us for more information!


Administrator roles

eGO! allows an unlimited number of administrators/trainers to manage the LMS.

Every administrator/trainer can have full or partial access rights for precise control of available options and data.


User import

For companies with a larger number of employees, user import via Excel files or integration with your HR software is available.


Visual customization

eGO! offers visual customization to the client's graphic standards.

There are multiple logo positions, different front page layouts, tons of color schemes offered, and if you like, we can even create a scheme that reflects your company colors!


Employee notifications

eGO! supports sending notifications to employees to their email addresses.

You can send the notification manually or scheduled, along with other criteria related to the course.



Each course can have its own certificate.

Specify available fields on the certificate and our LMS will automatically fill in the data. Afterwards, the certificate will be available to all participants on the dedicated course statistics page.


Powerful testing possibilities

We pride ourselves on our test module rich with options.

Some of them are: a test timer, shuffling the order of questions and answers, saving questions in libraries, multiple question types, the ability to create a unique test for each user by randomly drawing questions from libraries and much more!


Learning path

One of the advanced options of eGO! LMS is Learning path.

It allows you to determine the exact order in which employees will attend a certain course. For example, a PDF document will be unlocked only when a video is first viewed. And when the PDF document is completely read, the test will open. Play with the options to set up the best path for your participants!


Rich reports

Reports section is one of the most important for the HR sector as it gives insight into the current state of education for your employees.

Our reports are numerous, detailed, and allow export in common business formats. However, we can further customize them on your demand.


Messaging board

A very important learning factor is the exchange of experience.

Messaging board is available for each course and it facilitates communication and exchange of experiences among participants. Use options of file exchange and "expert" role to further deepen knowledge of your participants.


SCORM support

SCORM is the most used format in e-learning and the absolute standard when we talk about the creation of multimedia content.

SCORM allows you to present different types of materials to users in the same file, combine lectures and examinations, etc. eGO! LMS supports this format and we can help you create beautiful SCORM lessons, too!



Who doesn't like to play?

eGO! LMS comes with 2 types of gamification, pre-installed levels and full creative support (thumbnails, badges, points, titles). However, you can fully customize each gamification to your needs and visuals.


Our system is simple. There are no packages, contractual obligations and similar entanglements.

99.00 EUR fixed per month + 2.5 EUR for each user who uses the service that month.

For companies with a larger number of employees - Please call!


Our most important feeling is that we help our clients significantly improve the training process, while saving all kinds of resources. See for yourself what they say.

Ljiljana Maric
Ljiljana Maric
The Head of the Department for Master's and Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade

The e-learning platform "eGO!" is a solution we implemented during the pandemic, and it significantly helped us in organizing lectures and testing at that time. We are particularly pleased with the quick responses from the Formatura team to our needs and their adaptation of the platform in the shortest possible time. The greatest advantage of the platform, in our view, is the simplification of the entire education process. Therefore, this solution has become an exceptionally useful tool that we continue to use.

Aleksandra Fustic
Aleksandra Fustic
HR Community Manager, HR World

With all the functionalities we have used, the eGO! LMS platform has proven to be an excellent space for e-learning, which we have utilized for our HR Starter and Career Booster projects. The platform has helped our participants across Europe to track their learning journey, while enabling us to monitor their progress, test their knowledge, and make learning engaging through surveys and various supplementary materials. The platform's simplicity and richness have helped us quickly master it. Thanks to the Formature team for providing such a valuable experience.

Biljana Stepanovic
Biljana Stepanovic
Head of the Department for the Documentation and Information Center, Judicial Academy

We are extremely satisfied with the eGO! platform, its flexibility, and capabilities. Our business requires us to use the platform not only for online training but also for organizing and monitoring the implementation of 'classroom training,' and it is important for us to have precise information about the activities in both types of training for each user. The platform allows us to better understand their needs by tracking user behavior and activities, which, in turn, helps us create more successful training programs.

Sladjana Stricevic
Sladjana Stricevic
Manager for Training and Employee Development, Merkur Automat Club

I am extremely satisfied with the use of the eGO! platform. This solution has brought faster and easier employee education to our company, as well as time savings. Additionally, we have received high-quality and professional support from the representatives of Formatura company.

Goran Bakoc
Goran Bakoc
Director and owner, Algotech

As a company that constantly strives for the improvement and education of our employees, the use of the eGO! eLearning platform has proven to be extremely beneficial and crucial for our development and progress. This platform has become an essential tool in our training and development program, bringing many advantages and changing the way we and our employees learn. One of the greatest benefits of the eGO! eLearning platform is the ability to access training and courses from anywhere and at any time. This has allowed us to learn and improve in accordance with our work schedules and commitments.

Benjamin Ring
Benjamin Ring
Managing Director, Skills Incorporated

We use eGO! LMS as an resource in our boutique foreign language school and our clients love it (we do, too!). These guys also did our website. Easy communication and a professional relationship. They rock!

Content production

We continuously collaborate with our clients to create fantastic educational content for their employees. Whether it's shooting in our studio or in the field, producing animation or SCORM content, we're here for you! See below some examples of our work.

Our Clients

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Faculty of Law
Skills inc
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Agency for Traffic Safety
National Academy for Public Administration
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Center for European Policies
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